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Empower Your Child to Overcome Math Concerns with UCMAS Abacus


Mathematics has long been a subject that can cause anxiety and concern among students. However, there's an innovative solution that not only helps children overcome math challenges but also enhances their cognitive skills. UCMAS Abacus, offered in Dubai as part of after school activities for kids, presents a unique approach to nurturing mathematical proficiency. In this article, we explore the benefits of UCMAS Abacus in Dubai and how it contributes to alleviating math concerns.

Understanding UCMAS Abacus:

UCMAS Abacus is an educational program that employs an ancient calculating tool—the abacus—to teach children essential math skills. This method encourages visual learning, which aids in comprehending mathematical concepts by integrating them with spatial reasoning. The UCMAS Abacus program cultivates mental math abilities, memory retention, and concentration, giving students a solid foundation in mathematics.

Dubai, a city renowned for its commitment to education and diverse extracurricular offerings, provides the ideal platform for UCMAS Abacus to flourish. As a part of after-school activities for kids in Dubai, UCMAS Abacus instills valuable skills while making learning math an enjoyable experience. With a focus on interactive learning and engaging methods, UCMAS Abacus transforms math from a daunting subject into an exciting adventure.

1. Math Confidence

UCMAS Abacus empowers children to tackle math problems with confidence. By utilizing the abacus, they learn to perform complex calculations mentally, boosting their self-assurance in mathematical endeavors.

2. Enhanced Concentration:

The program's exercises demand concentration and focus, improving a child's attention span not only in math but across other subjects as well.

3. Critical Thinking:

UCMAS Abacus enhances critical thinking skills by teaching children to analyze problems and devise efficient solutions—a skill set applicable beyond math.

4. Memory Enhancement:

Through continuous practice, students develop improved memory and retention abilities, benefiting their overall learning journey.

Enrolling in UCMAS Abacus in Dubai:

If you're searching for effective after-school activities for kids in Dubai, consider enrolling your child in UCMAS Abacus classes. Impact Talent Centre offers comprehensive UCMAS Abacus programs that are tailored to suit various age groups and skill levels. By providing a supportive environment and expert guidance, Impact Talent Centre ensures your child's mathematical journey is both successful and enjoyable.


UCMAS Abacus not only addresses math anxiety but also contributes to overall academic development. UCMAS Abacus in Dubai has emerged as a transformative solution for overcoming math concerns among children. By blending the power of the abacus with interactive learning, this program equips students with essential math skills while fostering cognitive growth.


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