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UCMAS Abacus Classes in Dubai

Education and schooling have become a competition in today’s fast-paced environment. Parents are looking for the best for their children to keep them ahead. After-school activities for kids in Dubai make total sense in this picture.

Recent research and studies have developed various learning programs and techniques to make learning more effective and fun for kids. One of the most effective ones till now is the Universal Concept of the Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS). UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai use the same old Abacus to do wonders for the learning of young brains, So let us find out more about how it will benefit your child in manifold ways.

What is meant by UCMAS Abacus Classes in Dubai?

The UCMAS program is based on an ancient, simple, but powerful mathematical tool called Abacus. Children learn basic arithmetic functions by visualizing numbers and performing calculations in their brains. Although the abacus is a colorful construction that uses simple rods and beads, the learning technique is amazingly effective.

UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai may look like they are teaching simple mathematical operations. What is amazing about these classes and the UCMAS program is that it exercises the motor control, mental capabilities, and neurological functions of a young child.

Key Benefits of UCMAS Abacus Classes in Dubai

UCMAS Abacus learning program is a holistic approach to the learning and intelligence capabilities of a child. Using simple arithmetic operations and an ancient Abacus construction, UCMAS Abacus classes can provide the following benefits:

Intensive Brain Workout

Abacus learning uses various regions of the brain cortex, fingers, muscles, and nervous system. But Abacus training by the UCMAS is not all about abacus. UCMAS programs have been designed to incorporate maximum engagement from the students, such as in oral quizzes where they answer fast and accurately. Kids play with flashcards while they learn and enhance their mental faculties.

Enhanced Cognitive Competencies

UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai not only help a kid solve mathematical queries faster and more accurately. They also boost his logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making. Imagination and visual-spatial reasoning help improve the memory, focus, and concentration of a child in his early years. So he can be a good learner as a schooler and adolescent.

Improved Mental Arithmetic

Abacus classes boost the calculation skills of a young brain and make him able to complete calculations faster and more accurately. He gets to learn basic and advanced math concepts in a stress-free way, which also increases his self-confidence. This gives an edge to your child over his peers.

Various research studies have proved that children who receive Abacus training in their early years reach solutions faster and more accurately than those who haven’t.

   Improved Hand-eye Coordination

The famous 6-finger stimulation technique used in Abacus learning has been proven to help hand-eye coordination while boosting several mental capabilities. In effect, this technique stimulates the six major regions of the brain cortex alternately, enhancing their individual functions.

Children with weak motor skills due to any reason can use this nervous stimulation to cope better. The finger stimulation technique stimulates the acupressure points in the fingers connected to the nervous system. This way, your child gets a whole brain stimulation while he develops his fine motor skills.

How to Choose the Best UCMAS Abacus Classes in Dubai?

UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai can be of great help to your little one. But choosing the best ones will make all the difference. In addition to some individual preferences such as location and timings, here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the best Abacus classes for your child:

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

UCMAS abacus learning is a specialized program that also varies with the age range. A teacher with a general coaching background cannot facilitate Abacus learning effectively. So, the first and foremost guide for a good Abacus learning institute is its teachers.

You should ask for their qualifications and experience in Abacus teaching. And make sure that they are familiar enough with the age range of your child.


Abacus learning is one of the most rewarding after-school activities for kids in Dubai. A qualification test at the end of the program and certification will boost the self-confidence of your child, and will also serve as a souvenir for the kid.

Structured Learning Program

UCMAS is a highly structured learning program; specialized and well-equipped for a certain age range. You can always ask the institute for their program and learning plan. Comparisons of the learning programs of different abacus teaching institutes can help you decide better.

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews help you make the best decision. Make sure you check the online and social media presence of your shortlisted Abacus training institutes. See what people are saying about the results, teachers, environment, and staff.

Final Thoughts

Extracurricular activities are the perfect way to keep your child up with the pace of the world. UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai can help your child enhance his cognitive and intelligence capabilities, while he learns boring mathematics in the most fun way ever.

Impact Talent Centre is the perfect way to get your hands on the best afterschool activities in Dubai, such as the UCMAS Abacus training. Contact us today for further details and registration!

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