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Extra Curricular Activities


UCMAS Abacus

Education and schooling have become a competition in today’s fast-paced environment. Parents are looking for the best for their children to keep them ahead. After-school activities for kids in Dubai make total sense in this picture.


Youth Empowerment Program for Children

Good schooling, a college degree, or even a sustainable job is not what children and youngsters need nowadays. Skills, confidence, public speaking, and a social personality have become as important as good mainstream education. 



Music is not just fun; it is a powerful learning tool! Music lets a person focus and avoids unhealthy distractions. When you pair it up with instrument learning, it becomes a powerful method of enhancing the concentration, memory, and motor skills of a child.

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Dance is a fun way of keeping your kids physically active. Afterall, any type of dance involves a greater range of movement, coordination, and strength endurance than any other form of exercise.

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If your kid is growing up around colors, art, and enjoyable and character-developing hobbies, he is growing up great! The world is changing fast, and the generation of this century needs more than just a college degree.



In the competitive environments of today’s schools, there is no other way but to keep pace. Reading, writing, learning, and fitting in, in fact, out-achieving your peers is the only way safe.



Taekwondo is the most popular of all martial arts among children, thanks to the cool uniform and apparently easy steps. It amazingly combines traditional values and modern athletic tricks and ways. 

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