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Dance Classes in Dubai

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How can my Kid Benefit from a Dance Class?

1.      Improves Physical Health

Dance is a fun way of keeping your kids physically active. Afterall, any type of dance involves a greater range of movement, coordination, and strength endurance than any other form of exercise.

2.      Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Anyone who enjoys dancing can express themselves in their favorite dance, whether they are children or adults. Dance also teaches meditation and focus, which help a lot with emotional endurance. Also, staying physically active every day protects their mental health.

3.      Enhances Social Development

At dance classes, children from various cultures and families come together. This ethnic diversity is even more enhanced in countries like Dubai. Kids make new friends, socialize, and explore new things every day. Moreover, group activities like dance classes are a great way to make your children socially accepting and comfortable adults.

4.      Fosters Creativity and Confidence

Extracurricular activities such as dance involve engagement and teamwork foster creative thinking and confidence.

Which is the Best Dance Style for my Child?

Dance has various forms and shapes. You should choose for your child the one he takes the most interest in. Below are some dance styles with their predominant features to help to decide:

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Contemporary dance form uses techniques and movements from various genres, such as ballet and jazz and brings freedom and innovation by combining them all. Kids love to get started with contemporary dance as it has no strict rules, allowing them to discover various dances in one go.



The major motivation behind dance for young kids and teens is bollywood. Getting your kid in a bollywood dance class will expose him to various social classes and cultures, while teaching him some of the most fun and freeing dance forms ever.

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Hip-hop is an inventive type of dance usually done with pop music. Children who like expression through dance and improvisation with steps should go with hip-hop.

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Kathak is one of the eight most famous Indian Classical dances, known for its elegance and precision. Children can use this classical dance to learn group coordination. Like tap dance, kathak also involves the use of feet and the sounds of tapping and feet bells.

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Bharatnatyam is a graceful South Indian dance that children can start practicing from the age of 5 to 6 years. It requires intricate footwork and wrist and hip movements.

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One-Stop Destination for all your Dance Needs in Dubai!

Impact Talent Center is here to solve all your concerns about choosing the best dance classes for your child. Give them the best tutors and environment under the supervision of a seasoned expert in offering extracurricular activities for future leaders!

How to Find the Best dance Class for my Child in Dubai?

When looking for the best dance classes in Dubai, there are some obvious things to ensure. For example, the personality and the experience of the dance tutor are important considerations, especially for the younger ones. And then comes the budget and the type of dance your kid is keen to learn.

But how exactly will you find a reliably good dance class for your little one in a high-performing environment, such as in Dubai? Here is your 5-step to choose the best dance class for your child:

1.      Shortlist the most Feasible Options

The first step is finding suitable dance class options from the internet, social media, relatives, and friends. Make sure you only shortlist the dance schools and classes that offer your kid’s favorite type.

2.      Do your Research

The next step is to research each one of them thoroughly. You have got to do some field work as well!

Firstly, check out their website and social media accounts for the reviews and comments people leave for them. An extensive website with transparent information about the staff, location, and tutoring methods implies that the dance school is authentic.

The next step of research is to call the administration, talk to the tutors, and ask anything you want to know. Mark and further shortlist those dance classes that continue to satisfy and impress you.

While you research, keep recording and tabulating the dance classes features-wise or according to anything important for you. It may be the location, timings, or some cultural preference.

3.      Compare and Assess

You may even have to visit the better ones, meet the teachers, and explore their teaching methods before you put the best ones side by side. Always look for your preferences as the first deciders. After that, you can look for the following features:

1.       Music choices

2.       Parent involvement

3.       Costs in addition to the tuition fee

4.       Level of tutoring; recreational or competition-based?

5.       Schedule, timings, and the duration of the classes

6.       The dance studio facilities

4.      Enroll!

It is finally time to choose the winner and enroll that dance enthusiast in the best dance class in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Dance, as a fun hobby or a fun extracurricular activity, can benefit your young one in various ways. But you have to get them the best dance classes in Dubai so that their dance spark stays alive, and they get to shine even better. Impact Talent Center is your best choice in this regard. Leave a message today for all the details you want to know!

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