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Music is an outburst of the soul

Get Education from our Expert instructors at Impact Talent Centre who have years of experience.


Get coaching on Bollywood Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Drawing and Painting, Meditation for Beginners, Yoga Training, Public Speaking, Learn to play Music Instruments and more. 

Call for free consultation today

Impact Talent Centre has been teaching children and adults the joys of creative art forms since 2013.  A uniquely diverse place where the entire family can enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of creative education from professionals who excel in their field. Our highest priority is to improve each student’s self-expression and confidence.


Impact offers dance forms like Indian classical dance, Bollywood dance form, light Indian music, keyboard, and guitar which make Impact one of the best Music & Dance Classes in Dubai, apart from these we offer public speaking classes, art and craft, Yoga & Zumba classes, and many more...


We also hold classes for abacus training (UCMAS ) and can proudly state our students have won various awards for UCMAS competitions in UAE.

Contact us today and let us help guide you to the best creative art form for you and your family.

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